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The Girl You Never Knew You Missed

(Just a note: I'm not usually this... prolific. I'm just sitting on a small game clear/idea backlog and I'm running on the high of starting a new project. Once that's done, I will definitely be slowing down a bit since it takes time to beat games.)

Ah, competitive puzzley panel-swapping. There are so many ways to play this game, but I've always liked the 16-bit original the most. With the other versions, I had the choice of the (in my opinion) cringe-worthy Pokémon anime-themed one or the handheld Pokémon one without a proper versus mode, which is the mode that most held my interest, and no knowledge of anything else. While I have the latter, I'm glad to finally have access to the version of my memory after having never seen it anywhere in years... and as a minor game history enthusiast, getting to play it in its non-localized form is just icing on the cake, even if I can't really read the text.

Not really sure where an "end point" for this game would be, so I just counted the fact that I've finally beaten one-player versus mode on Hard difficulty without continues, which gives an extended cutscene at the end seen nowhere else in the game.

Who remembers when Yoshi took over a fairy queendom in the name of Russia?

So, what am I playing?
Panel de Pon (SNES)