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I think the biggest strike against my "retro cred" has to be the fact that I've never played anything in this game's series before. After gaining easy access to it (and dozens of other games), I couldn't justify putting it off any longer. This was... taxing in ways I really sort of expected from a game this old. The grinding was unreal, and the bosses have way too much health, if you ask me. And the climbing. So much climbing. Still, in the end, this game was nice as a sort of history lesson. Not sure if I can recommend it for much more than that, but I enjoy seeing where a series finds its roots. And hey, now the stage is set for me to dive into what some consider to be one of the must-plays of the SNES, if not the crown jewel of the series (even if it means skipping the second installment).

For now, let's pray for a true peace in space.

So, what am I playing?
Metroid (NES)

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